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It’s everyone’s fear when pondering their next dental exam: being told that a tooth has to be removed. Dentists and their assistants do their best to make our visits as pleasant as possible, but preparing us for a tooth extraction is not the easiest task.

One of the more common tooth extracting procedures is the removal of our wisdom teeth. This is often necessary if they are causing pain. Wisdom teeth usually arrive in our late teens or early 20s, and sometimes can exist like any other teeth in your mouth when healthy and properly aligned. But unfortunately they more often end up misaligned and require removal.

It is important not to ignore the need for removing wisdom teeth. If left uncared for, wisdom teeth can not only damage nearby teeth, but the jawbone and nerves. There can also cause other health problems, particularly if the tooth is impacted, which is when it fails to emerge, or only partially emerges from the gums. This can cause continuous discomfort, infections, among other conditions.

Your dentist or oral surgeon may recommend removing wisdom teeth before any of the aforementioned problems come about. While the procedure is often much easier than you may think, it depends on the condition of each patient.

In the best case scenario, you will be sedated and the tooth or teeth will be removed without a hitch, and you will be on your way. But in more complicated scenarios, like when the tooth is not erupted through the gum, your dentist may have to make an incision and oftentimes extract the tooth in pieces.

There are multiple ways that you and your oral surgeon may choose to go about the anesthesia. You may receive a local anesthetic, administered in the surrounding gum area. Or, if you suffer from a bit of anxiety when in the dentist’s seat, you may be able to get a sedating medication, such as nitrous oxide (better known as “laughing gas”).

Whatever method is prescribed for you, you can rest assured that Dr. Morelli has all the necessary tools in his arsenal to make it as pleasant an experience as possible.

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